Paul Saunders Roofing Company

Our History

In 1943, Paul Saunders arrived in Richmond, Virginia from the mountains of Franklin, Carolina. He began roofing with his brother, Frank Saunders, who ha a roofing company in Richmond. Paul continued roofing under his own name for 50 years until his death in 1982 while working on a roof at the age of 81. He never sought to retire.

Paul was known for his craftsmanship, working with slate and tin. Business was generally located in the West End and Fan areas of Richmond. His love of roofing, craftsmanship and a job well done were among the reasons the present company continued to exist under his name.

The company is presently owned by Paul Saunders’ son-in-law, Graham B. Aston. Graham moved from England in 1982 to work with Paul and take over management of the company. In the years that the company has been under Graham’s management it has grown substantially.

Our People

We only hire first rate employees. Only the top personnel within our trade are considered. This enables us to have an excellent work force who are notably a cut above everyone else in the industry. We are able to attract the best because of our wages and benefits. Saunders Roofing operates on a profit sharing basis that motivates employees to perform their job at the highest possible level.